I offer clients the option of having me place an order of their images. I often do group orders on a regular basis, so there might be a possible wait time until all client orders have been received.

Please contact me to know when the next order will be placed, and the approximate delivery date will be. Once the order arrives to me, I will contact you and you can pick them up at my house: 1038 Preston Dr. Idaho Falls, ID 83401.

The following are the most common print sizes and their prices. I order through an amazing company in California that’s extremely affordable, and the best part is what they print, matches what I edit on my computer.

If you’re interested in ordering through me, please just list the photo number, what size(s), and the number of copies in the size you need. Send this list to my email at: If I need to ship your photos to you, there is a shipment fee depending on the size of the package.

Size Lustre (Matte)/Glossy 4X6 .95 5X7 1.50 8X10 3.00 11X14 5.20 12X12 5.50 16X20 17.50 16X24 23.00 24X36 46.10 If you would like to order some prints on your own, here are some of my favorite places to get prints.

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